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(Battle field tray)
4,200yen (Tax included)

(Vegetarian's tray with Yuba)
*Yuba is a soy bean based healthy food)
3,150yen (Tax included)




*Goma-doufu rolled by uncooked Yuba
*Yuba, lemon, relish
*Mixed simmered dishes
(Hand making Yuba, pasted peanuts, bamboo sprout, butterbur flower stalk)
*Soy milk fondu
(Flat Yuba, tofu, enoki mushrooms, Chinese cabbage, chrysanthemum leaves, Welsh onion, citrus fruits dip sauce)
*Fried food
(Japanese yam rolled by Yuba, Maitake mushrooms)
*Edible wild plant
*Rolled Yuba, rape blossoms, jelly sauce
*Binded Yuba, honewort
*Two kinds of rice

This dish is based on the legend of Ieyasu Tokugawa' s meal in the battle field. Vegetables, crops, wheat rice, chestnut, trout, wild boar, and rabbit have been cooked. This dish is well nutritious, and builds up your stamina.

Daimyo Lunch Box
(Tax included)


Hatamoto Lunch Box
(Tax included)

  Tempura and Yuba that Ieyasu Tokugawa loved, are dished up.            
*Yuba with soy sauce
*Simmered Yuba
*Seasonal vegetables
*Tempura of vegetables
*Seasonal pickles
*Miso soup with local Nameko mushrooms
*Rice seasoned with vegetables
*Yuba, trout, tuna
*Simmered Yuba, seasonal vegetables
*Fried shrinp, Maitake mushrooms, tempura of vegetables
*Grilled white fish
*Burdock rolled by sliced meat, vegetables rolled by Yuba
*Seasonal pickles
*Miso soup with local Nameko mushrooms
*Rice seasoned with vegetables
*Dishes in the pictures will be arranged by season slightly.

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